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Wren and the Wravens' sound is an eclectic blend of retro soul,  pop and R&B. With energy that is uniting and infectious, Wren and the Wravens' music brings together people of all walks of life.

Steeped in sounds both dreamy and soulful -- Atlanta-based Quartet Wren & The Wravens formed in 2017 around the talents of Abby Wren (vocals), Tiffany Cherry White (vocals, keys, synth bass), Rob Lane (vocals, guitar), and Julian Scott Bryan (vocals, percussion). The sound of Wren & The Wravens draws from a multitude of musical styles including (but not limited to) R&B, Funk, Neo-soul, Blues, Country, Dub Reggae, Dream-pop, Alternative, and Instrumental Hip-hop. The band released their first single “I Think We Know” in July of 2019 with plans to release their eponymous debut album later that year. Their introductory offering showcases Wren’s vocal and lyrical prowess layered upon an ethereally lush and catchy musical foundation of groove, harmony and pop-sensibility.